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  Final reports (2012)

Program 1: Investigating Sedimentary Geothermal Resources

  Research Directions

Because of the Perth Basin’s geology with shallow groundwater of moderate temperature, the Centre focuses on direct heat use technologies such as geothermally powered air conditioning and desalination.

Geothermal convection in settings such this provides a natural heat exchanger. Combined with the high natural permeability of the Basin, this means there is no need for artificial hydraulic fracturing.

Research is organised into three interlinked programs:

Assessment of the Perth Basin
• Geological Model • Hydrogeological Model
• Geophysical Heat Estimation • Convection Modelling

Optimal use of Geothermal Resources
• Geothermal Engineering (desalination, cooling and dehumidification)
• Coupling Engineering with Geology

Future Potential – Deeper Resources
• Identification of Deep Heat (geochemical fingerprinting)
• Extraction of Deep Heat (geochemical and geotechnical permeability management)